imageIf you’ve ever made a furnishing faux pas, perhaps buying a fabulous sofa only to find it won’t go through the door, or splashing out on expensive wallpaper which doesn’t fit with your existing interior, then you’ll know why using an interior designer is definitely less of a luxury, and more of a necessity, to achieve soft furnishing success.

An interior designer’s job is to help you obtain the beautiful living space you’ve always wanted within your budget and on time. They know how to interpret your aspirations, hopes and wishes, source the right products at the right prices, and deliver an interior that will take your breath away.

A good designer should sit down with you in the room you want to enhance and take account of your design objectives, the room’s aspect, and the room’s final function. They will skillfully blend your requirements with history, durability, ergonomics and aesthetics and guide you towards a design solution that suits you and the property. Looking at your home with fresh eyes, they will often see opportunities and solutions that you haven’t even thought about.

They might sketch your design or create a mood board, to help you make the right design choices. Once the budget has been agreed, the designer’s professional contacts and extensive knowledge will come to the fore to find exquisite products, which suit your needs, lifestyle and budget, while ensuring the whole project runs efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for an initial consultation to help you narrow down your choices, someone to source beautiful and unique products to reflect your personality, or perhaps someone to project manage the scheme on your behalf, selecting the right interior designer can not only add value to your property, but will also turn a good design into a stunning interior which will delight you for years to come.