imageDesign trends which will put a ‘spring’ into your home in 2012.

There is a definite trend towards a Scandinavian-style this year, reflected in a clean, pared-down look for furniture, wallpapers and muted colours. This combines brilliantly with the retro 60s-feel to furniture design over the last year or so, which means you can update your look very easily without having to throw everything out and start again!

Wood furniture, rather than painted, especially natural wood finishes which show off the beauty of the grain, help to bring the outdoors indoors and team wonderfully with the floral and bird designs we are seeing on wallpapers at present.

Nature has been a big theme for the past couple of years, with butterflies appearing on many home decorating elements, but to freshen your look and keep your home on trend, swap your butterfly wallpapers for those featuring large florals or intricate bird designs.

For those amongst you who have embraced the geometric elements of retro design, you’ll be delighted to know that geometric patterns are absolutely on trend this spring. Update and highlight the geometric elements you have already got in your interior designs with well-chosen accessories, such as angular crystal chandeliers and retro-style mirrors.

Soften any harsh lines with jewel-bright colour-accents, such as vases, cushions or throws. And for your windows combine functional blinds with fabulous curtains to frame and make a feature in your room.”

During last winter, there was a strong leaning towards muted autumn colours in heavier fabrics, such as wools and tweeds, but these are now being replaced by softer colour palettes in velvets and devore fabrics. These textured fabrics keep the visual warmth in a room but, when they introduce accents of colour, they also help to bring spring into your home and remind you that warmer days are once again around the corner.”

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