london design festivalLondon Design Week took place in mid March  and is an opportunity for interior designers across the UK to look at the upcoming interior design trends for summer. Here’s how you can make your home on trend over the next few months.

For a modern take on ‘pretty’, beautiful fabrics featuring floral designs were combined with strong stripes and metallic touches. Everyone would love fresh flowers in their homes all year round as they bring the hope of spring into a room. But if bouquets of flowers aren’t realistic, then you can bring freshness and vibrancy to a room with the latest floral fabrics.

I especially love the range ‘Jardins Suspendus’ by Nobilis, as it offers a charming expression of the water-colourist’s talent through floral prints and free generous patterns. Four joyful, sensual, vibrant flowers are accompanied by young colourful stripes and plain colours, which make for a warm and stylish collection, which will bring fresh elements of spring and summer into your home all year round.

He continues: “There is a strong continental element to this summer’s designs, with the major houses focusing on vibrant and intense colour palettes, inspired by our European neighbours. This trend encompasses rich sumptuous fabrics in a range of jewel-bright colours with subtle and bold geometric patterns.

Nobilis has launched ‘Palazzo’ which perfectly expresses this trend. Inspired by Italian palaces, the lavish fabrics and majestic patterns appear on both heavy damasks and silky materials to create a classic and luxurious collection.

Moving beyond Europe, you can also feel the influence of the East, with ethnic patterns appearing on heavy woven textiles and creating a casual global chic for our homes.

If stripes are your preference, then follow the latest trend by hanging them horizontally rather than vertically. Rooms can be defined in open plan living by combining different stripe depths and colours to create a modern statement with a lot of attitude.

To see how your home can be given a up-to-date makeover, give me a call to arrange a convenient home appointment, and together we can create your personal design style.